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Legal Stuff and CBD

We strongly believe in the right of the individual to use medical marijuana as they see fit, free from the influence of Governments or big pharma. Fortunately, more and more courts and Governments are starting to agree. Check out these links for the latest legal position on hemp in the EU and UK:

The Legal Situation of Cannabis in the European Union in 2019
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In the European Union, the cultivation and supply of industrial hemp are fully legal if the hemp plants that are used in the process do not exceed a limit of 0.2 percent THC content. In contrast to medical and recreational marijuana, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has clear rules that resolve how members should handle industrial hemp cultivation.

European Court of Justice Rules that CBD is not a narcotic …
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The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled in November 2020 on a pivotal case involving the legality of CBD within the EU. The case involves defendants Kanavape who have been under prosecution in France for importing CBD to be marketed in vaporiser cartridges. The court ruled that CBD is not a narcotic and can be legally bought and sold in the EU without restriction.

German Federal Court of Justice (BGH) acknowledges and safeguards the rights of German farmers and producers, as well as wholesalers and retailers of commercial hemp products.

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In its ruling of 24 March 2021, the BGH stated that the sale to end consumers of hemp flowers and leaves is not prohibited. Accordingly, the distribution to end consumers and possession of unprocessed commercial hemp products including flowers does not fall under the Narcotics Act, as long as there is no intentional misuse for intoxication purposes.