Our values, and philosophy


We work hard on our small farm in the depths of West Wicklow in Ireland to bring you the highest quality CBD and CBG possible. We grow indoors, to ensure high levels of active CBD and CBG and THC levels below 0.2%.

We strongly believe in the right of the individual to use medical marijuana as they see fit, free from the influence of Governments or big pharma. Do your own research on CBD – its impressive stuff!


Our carbon footprint


Hemp is renowned for the amount of carbon it can remove from the atmosphere – 1 hectare of hemp can absorb up to 15 tons of carbon in one season – nearly double the amount of carbon which the same hectare of trees could absorb. If we plant two crops per year that amount of carbon removed from the atmosphere doubles.  We grow our own hemp on our farm where we live – so our carbon footprint is negative.  You can also help your carbon footprint by avoiding the big retailers and shopping locally whenever you can.


Beware of low quality products claiming high CBD content!


The CBD market is relatively new and unregulated.  This means that anyone can produce any kind of CBD product – even for pets – and claim virtually any content. You only need to check the shelves of the Supermarkets and large chain healthfood shops to see what’s out there.  Some products currently on the market contain virtually no CBD at all, others claim a CBD content which is, frankly, impossible to achieve. Always question CBD content – and beware of the big manufacturers who have been shown to claim more content than they actually have.