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Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture

20ml bottle 260mg CBD – Independently tested guaranteed CBD content.

This is our double strength full spectrum CBD tincture, hand made in small batches from our own CBD hemp plants so we know exactly how much CBD is present in each bottle. Beware of other oils and tinctures claiming 1000mg plus for less than €100!  The CBD market is a bit like the Wild West at the moment with people claiming all sorts of CBD content.  Because we grow our own and have it independently certified we know exactly what goes in to each bottle – so you are actually getting 260mg per bottle – unlike other brands where the CBD content can be zero! We extract the CBD in high-proof alcohol using the freezer method to ensure we get the most CBD we can from each batch of plants in its purest form. Just take a few drops when needed under the tongue.  Warning – contains alcohol. This is a strong product and the taste is a little harsh – we recommend taking with water or juice to make more palatable.

Dosage is very much related to the individual and why you are using the product.  We recommend starting with a few drops under the tongue three times a day. If you are not feeling the benefits within 48 hours, increase the amount you take.

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